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How To Support Old Christian Radio

Old Christian Radio Mission Statement
Thank you for visiting my website and listening to Old Christian Radio. .

I've created a unique kind of Christian radio station on the internet...
Old Christian Radio is a station that plays great old fashioned Christian music with NO "Christian Rock".

The main mission for this station's existence is to be a blessing to the Christian community by playing Godly Christian music that doesn't sound like the devil's music.

The musical emphasis on this station is of a Godly spiritual nature.
Music that appeals mainly to "the flesh" is NOT played here)

This station's music format is: Sacred/Traditional Christian with NO outside programming.

I will add more great music to OCR, as I have the ability to do so.

The last 10 songs played are displayed on the Old Christian Radio site.

My other website http://www.oldchristianmusic.com sells most of the music that is played on Old Christian Radio.

Old Christian Radio is "commercial free." 

In the future, I may do some sponsorship announcements on products and services that would be of benefit to OCR listeners. The announcements will sound similar to what is done on PBS or NPR. -- It would go something like this: "Current programming is sponsored by Majesty Music. www.majestymusic.com sells conservative Christian Music and is the home of Patch the Pirate."

Bandwidth and Music Royalties are the two major expenses.
The larger the audience, the higher the expenses.

Since Old Christian Radio is NOT a registered "non-profit," donations are NOT tax deductible as charitable contributions.

1. Please put me somewhere on your prayer list.
a. God's protection of me, my health, my property, the station itself, and etc.
     b. God's wisdom, knowledge, and help in making the right decisions.
     c. Continued growth and blessing in my own Christian life.
     d. Continued growth and blessing of Old Christian Radio.
     e. God's blessing and provision to pay all the bills.
     f.  For this station to be a blessing and a help in the lives of the people who listen. 

2. Please tell your friends to about Old Christian Radio.
3. Please purchase the music for sale at www.oldchristianmusic.com 
4. Please send a monetary donation to Old Christian Radio using the button below my signature line.

E-Mail Address: mcfadden-michael@sbcglobal.net 

Thank you in advance for your support of Old Christian Radio.


Mr. Michael M. McFadden
Great Old Fashioned Christian Music with NO "Christian Rock"

 Two ways to make a monetary donation to Old Christian Radio

    a. By credit or debit card through PayPal.
Monthly Giving Level

b. By check or money order made payable to:

Michael McFadden
Old Christian Radio
2004 Cottie Lane
Arlington, TX 76010

Last updated, March 14, 2018


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